Field Trip to Kepompong Gendut

Have any of you heard about Kepompong Gendut? Or maybe Demi Ucok movie? To be honest, I have not watched the Demi Ucok movie, but I heard several controversial rumors about the film. A dog was wearing Persib jersey and named Bobot, which convicted stands for Bobotoh (fans of Persib). Well, Kepompong Gendut had clarified that the movie was not about either Persib or Bobotoh, it was about the mother and child love life story.

I have not watched that one, but I love Sammaria Simanjuntak’s Cin(t)a. One of best Indonesia movies in nowadays, I think. It told us about the tolerance and love between two different religions. A man named Cina (which is ethnically Chinese) fell in love with a woman named Annisa (Annisa means woman in Arabian). They shared thoughts about their own religions. The ending was pathetic, they cannot be together because they have different religion. Annisa then got married to a man from same religion.

Kepompong Gendut is going to produce a new film about the adventure of sisterhood. Similar with Demi Ucok, this movie concept will be original and based from the true story.This is what I like from Kepompong Gendut, this production house is original and really based from the true story, so it could emotionally attract the watchers.

The Kepompong Gendut’s logo is also reflects the production house very well, the originality, simplicity, but in a creative way. It shows a fat (gendut) green cocoon (kepompong), but from the other side, it can be seen as a light bulb! I love it!

Well, that was all from the Kepompong Gendut.

See you in next posts!

P.S: BTW thank you for Creativity and Innovation class that have taught me soooo many insights about creative things!


Eenie Meenie, Which Business Idea is Really into Me?

Lately, I have been very desperately looking for ideas, any ideas, it could be for my final project, my footwear business, or any other business ideas. Yea, this so-called pre-graduation syndrome has got me a bit of nervous, what I am going to do after being graduated from this comfortable college, what about the rough competition out there, well, this is the real life. I have to face it, no matter what. Well, one thing that is really making me nervous today is the reality that everyone is starting footwear business. The worst part is they plagiate each others. They make cute (but SIMILAR) shoes. I have found on the instagram, some of my footwear business followers are plagiators. They copy (for same design, same color) my footwear design then they sell it for much CHEAPER price. Well, the only thing to defeat them is by giving some new innovation for my footwear business, but I have not got the ideas. Or maybe I shall try for new opportunities?

As I browsed to, well, I saw 45 business ideas. I wondered, would I find something that is really into me in this website? Scrolled, scrolled, scrolled, whoa! Something was not really into me but it got my attention! I found a “cost-cutter”! What was that? Well, it prevents people to pay for higher telephone bills, for something they do not really use but they have to pay for it in bills and they do not have time to argue with the providers. I reminds me to that conversation with a police, he knows very well how to cheat with the telephone bills. If the providers can cheat, why do not we? Well, this is the secret: do you know about that “hang up” button? Click that button for the right order depending on the numbers you want to dial. For example 72. First, you have to click seven times, a little space, then two times. But be careful, this is very hard to do, once the click is not in the right order, you have to repeat from the very first number. This secret is often used by the mafia, so that their telephone call would not be on record.

Let’s scroll again! FInd the suitable business idea for me!

Hmmm, let’s see…

Most of them are actually what I need, not I want to be. They are not in my speciality.

Well, it is time to go for the postgraduate program I guess! I have to learn more, especially for the footwear design. Wish me luck, everybody!  




Brightspot Market Event Review


After going to Indonesia Fashion Week, I went to the Brightspot Market. This event was very good, although it has very different concepts compared to the Indonesia Fashion Week. This event was more exclusive, curated, and as I said before, all the items were typically cute and up to date. This event was a very appropriate place for the hipsters, who really follow the trends and love these typically cute items. I really loved the products and the booth decorations, why people are too creative nowadays? I so envy 😦


Woo hoo! Here we are! We are ready to take some other pictures!

ImageThe collection of Melissa Jelly Shoes I cannot resist!


The Goods Dept Cafe

ImageA very cute one!

ImageWhat an amazing booth design!

ImageShine bright like a diamond!

Well, I love the displays for the booths, however, personally I think that events like these are not suitable for shopping. Too crowded, I guess. I prefer going to my favorite brands in the shopping malls, which is not so good idea to support the local brands :(. But back again, maybe it is just my thoughts, because everyone seems to do not think like that. Yeah, my footwear business sales gain a lot in events like these. Pretty much thanks for the event organizers!

Okay then, see you in the next post!

Bye, Brightspot, see you next year!


Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Photo Gallery


The first photo I took when we arrived at the Jakarta Convention Center


The crowds entering the event


Some narcissistic time nih, Mas? ;p


The Starting Point


A Pair of Killer Shoes! Too Genius! (I took this picture from the Nakerschu Booth)


Hi there, our dearest neighbour in Next Level event! Best wishes! 😀


Beads can really make your shoes go up to the next level! In love with these pumps!


The Crowds!


Another shoes brand! Yumm!


Damn I Love Indonesia!

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

I know that this is kind of lazy Sunday afternoon, when I should be really in my bed or lazy coach, scrolling my thumbs on my iPhone screen looking for Lookbook or dating advice (LOL) while sipping a cup of green tea, but I am trying to be more productive now. I called this as a workout session, but really, since my beloved lecturer told me that my final project deadline is on next May, I have to pace on the other assignments as soon as I can, so I could work on my final project later.

This time, I will post my review from the past event, Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, which was held on last February.

Actually, I was so amazed with the ideas of Indonesian designers. I found so many unique&creatively-designed products in this event. They made me always wonder, where did they get the idea to design all these beautiful products? Seriously, I have been attending and opening my own business booth in several fashion bazaars, but I have not seen products that as unique as these in Indonesia Fashion Week. I found many cute fashion items but they are very typical (maybe it was because of the fashion trend that made them seems very typical among each others). To be honest, this is my first fashion week ever 😦 (Not good, Ghea, you called yourself as a fashion-lover but you have never gone to any fashion week before this one, too bad 😦 ). Hence, I thought that my footwear business has not been strong enough to compete in this market. Somehow, I still could not find any strengths. Comfortable, affordable, and cute? No, they are not the real strength, what I meant was something that could really distinguish mine from the others. Maybe it should be more like Kloom, MKS Shoes, and JuJu Footwear, where they have something very different to offer. This is something that I have to be focused on, later after being graduated from the university.

Back to the Indonesian Fashion Week, well, actually I am not really into the crowds. I love fashion and shopping thingy, but you will never ever see me buying things like clothes or shoes (or whatever you should try on before deciding to buy) in such an event like this. I really cannot stand the crowd. 

But really, I learned a lot from fashion events. I got so many inspirations regarding the fashion trends and product designs. I also gasped a lot seeing creative booth decorations. Indonesians youth are SERIOUSLY very talented, I am so proud of them (tears of joy).

What really made me disappointed about this event was that I could not get the access to… many things. If I went to this event on Friday, I would get a lot of access to anywhere and anything I want in this event, because I got the VIP invitation from Shafira. Well, well, I could not go on Friday because of the Religion Subject, so I have to go on Saturday. I could not see the fashion show, I could not take the photos of products I love, and so on. I just took some photos which I am going to share in the next post, including the brief description.





Trendstop & I are not Meant to Be. At Least for Now.

This is it! Finally, I found a website about fashion trend forecasting and I loooove it!

I could really hear the reff song of Icona Pop – I Love It playing inside my head, like in this very moment, right now! Oh never mind, just forget it, let us get back to the topic.

Well, for honest, I am really into fashion and currently owning a business in fashion, female footwear, to be specific. Sometimes it really makes me feel so blue (galau) that  cannot really predict the fashion trend forecast. My only way to predict the trend is by browsing through and, but I do not really get the exact trend forecast and how long it will last.

I just signed up for the membership in the website and wait for the magic happens

Tick Tock Tick Tock…

After waiting for several minutes, suddenly there is an error occured.

Then I refreshed the website and… voila! I was successfully signed in!

But then, I tried to click any of the apparel trends and it started to offer upgraded membership, which means that I have to pay to see those trend forecasts! I really could not see any of them in free. Well, poor me 😦

However, as I said before in my last post, there is no such thing as free lunch, the cost shall be paid sooner or later. Well, since I have not applied for any of credit cards (I am too afraid of losing control or being shopaholic, because I am ALREADY one), I cannot pay for the membership cost.

So unfortunate… good bye Trendstop, see you! Maybe not now, but I will, ASAP. Perhaps, if I have been a fashion professional years later, who knows?

For this time, it will be best if I go back to my daily habits, watching Polyvore and Lookbook ;p 

Have a great lazy Sunday, everyone! 


Trend Makes KA-CHING!

When someone says: “It’s not about the money…”


Or even this one: “We don’t need your money…”

go and bury yourself, like NOW.

Who does not need those KA-CHINGS? Everyone DOES need money. Every. Single. Person. Living. In. This. Planet. Called. Earth. If there is someone who really does not need money, why does he attempt to go work his ass off every single day in his life? Passion? Uh, why does not he just do his so-called beloved and passionate jobs then go home without thinking of salary? He has to survive in this planet. He has to buy his daily needs. There is no such thing as a free lunch, the cost shall be paid sooner or later.

What about the Jessie J – Price Tag then? Well, it does not tell us to give away our money because we really do not need it, however, sometimes money make us blind and forget the real values of humanity. This song is trying to remind us that money is NOT the only thing we should have focused on. There are still a lot of things to compute in our brains.

But still, the main point is we DO really need that so-called KA-CHING!

Back to the topic, then how to gain those so-called KA-CHINGS?

There are soooo many things to do to gain the KA-CHING, but now I will only explain one method: to see the business opportunity through the trends.

People are easily to get bored. Fashion, makeups, food, music, movie genre, and everything else, whatsoever, should be cycled at least once a year. Hence, we can decide, whether we want to create the trend or following the trend. Since some of us are not strong enough in the market to create the trend, following the trend can be a safe way that still can touch consumer’s heart. The problem is, how to really know the trend forecasts?

Thanks to JWT Intelligence, a website source for trend forecasts. I love their slogan, which says “Converting Cultural Shifts into Opportunities”. Simple, but really describes the whole things the website provides. Not only about the trend forecasts, JWT also provides articles about latest issues in the world that might give impact to business&economics and several advices for facing the trends. This website is very essential and useful for the opportunity seekers. Better to find out now or sooner as you can, opportunities are not standing out there, waiting for you to come and fetch them, just like a soulmate. There should be any effort in pursuing them, or else they will slip away and you will lose your KA-CHING, like in those adventure-genre games where you have to collect those meant-to-collapse coins. You will never know whether it is a jackpot level if you never try.


We are Aliens, Trapped in the Outer Space

My first impression when I saw this website was “Wow! It reminds me a lot about the outer space!”. Wait, what? Well, actually I am from the marketing major, but sometimes I just feel lost and trapped in this major and it seems like there is no exit. I really think that these marketing things are really useful for my entire life, but in the other hand, I feel like I am lost in space. Space, outer space, where aliens might do really exist. Why did not I choose the other majors then? No passion. Marketing is my only passion in business. Aliens in the outer space are my friends. Abnormal? Yes. That was what the insights of marketing taught me, to be an abnormal purple cow that could really make people say ‘WOW’. To be an alien that out of all sudden pop out in strangers’ living room and make sure that they would notice. Sounds crazy, huh? Why should we do those crazy things when we can keep in such an ordinary way? For money. For monetarizing our life. For the sake of survival.

Well, when I said that I am not the only one, it really means that I am not the only one. We are all aliens, trapped and lost in the outer space. We are all taking part in this so called marketing. The more we are trapped and lost, the more we are befriends with the aliens, then the more likely we are going to survive. Do you think I am too abnormal to explain all of these things? Once again, I am not the only one. Let me show you, those people out there are seriously can be more insane! Those aliens took part in every opportunities they find. Do you think the Oscars best & worst dressed can be a successful marketing media for a mustard brand? Don’t you believe it? Then take a look at @greypoupon on Twitter. Not much proof? Check @chobani out! Still don’t believe that? Look at @SamsungMobileUS and @USCellular! How come the Oscars best and worst dressed become a great media for them to market themselves, since there is no obvious connection between the brands and the dress? That is it! Just simply be an alien, then you will know what-how-why.

Have a nice day!      


Design Inspirations, Thank You so Much!

I would be really thankful for the Creativity and Innovation subject! This website has given me a lot of idea sources for my design projects. It also gave me inspirations for my under-construction business website. As I scrolled down the page, I randomly found this web:, which really attracted me (well I have to admit that even though design is my passion, I really do not know how to start designing logos!). I clicked the website link, therefore I learned few important things from the site. Great logos are the most simple ones yet eye-catching. We have to make sure that the shape is easy to remember. Hmm, it is kind of remind me of the Logos Quiz game in my iPhone. Okay, back to the topic.

The second web that attracted me is: Yes, packaging designs! I really need inspiration for this one, because I am kind of bored of current canvas bag packaging for my footwear business. I clicked the link and scrolled through the web, I can find nothing much. I have seen many of these beautiful creatively designed packagings since the beginning of my design career on Integrated Business Experience subject (which I had taken in my second year in college).

I went back to the main site and randomly scrolled up and down until I found something that could really attract my attention. For the second time, I fell for the logo inspiration website. Well, I thought this one is much more complete than the first one, you can really read about the logo histories, best logo design agencies, and so on. Both designers and wannabes should really check this out: I browsed a lot in this website, I learned a lot from this one! They have so many articles that could be really useful!

Does this website only provide everything about design inspirations?


It does NOT.

I found the ways to make design clients satisfied with the designer’s service here:

Well, I have to admit that this one is very IMPORTANT for the designers. Most of the time, the designers (including me), either they are professionals or amateurs, they do not really pay attention at the customer service and relationship. What they really focus on is the design work itself. Great design, great income? No. Customers are really human, they have to be well served and respected. Although one designer has a very godlike design, no one will ever come to him/her again, unless he/she has a good capability in managing customer relationship.

Well then, marketing insights are very important, they have to be practiced to strengthen the sustainability of one’s career. To be specific, in EVERYONE’S career.  

Once again, thank you very much for this subject, for giving me many of design inspiration websites.

Have a nice day!




Creative Something is Something You Have to Read to be a Creative Person

As I scrolled down the blog entries of Creative Something, I found a very interesting article. Yes, it was similar with the other entries about how to generate the creativity, but this one has a somehow, attractive dictions for the title: “Seeking Inspiration in All the Wrong Places“. Well, most people will look out for ideas in such an ordinary place and in such an ordinary way. Then I realized, this is one of the biggest faults in generating creative ideas. Our brain will block the ‘inappropriate ideas‘, which actually, those ‘inappropriate ideas‘ could be the greatest ones. The ordinary environment could somehow create borders and restrictions in our head that are making self-judgmental for the generated ideas.

People tend to search for inspiration in the ordinary way because it is beneficial from an evolutionary standpoint. When people are young, they look to others to see how they should behave; what to eat and what not to eat, where to walk and where to avoid. People are led to believe that the best way to learn something is to mimic something else. Where will the original thoughts come from? We will have thousands of same business products and ideas get wasted, while the energy and the budgets that have been spent for it could be used for generate other original, great ideas.  

We should try for other ways to generate ideas, therefore we could create somehow, the original ones. Admit it, most of us often got ideas in the wrong places, not in the so called properly places, right? Therefore, we shall go to the wrong places more. It will be very good for us if we go to new places that have not been visited before, try something new that have not been experienced before.

This blog is really worth to read, especially for the tend-to-be creative people. They have unique tips on how to generate creative ideas. So, once you get stuck, you should try to open the Creative Something. Creative Something is really something that you have to read to be a creative person!