The Most Precious, Expensive Thing Called “IDEA”

I went to and suddenly I was being reminded about the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) subject which had been taken in my second year. I remembered the times when the IBE team used to find business ideas in creative blogs; then came up with the silly, non feasible ideas. Did not know whether have to laugh or just simply cry. However, those sweet-depressing-stressful-but fun memories in IBE could be turned up into one of the greatest experiences in life.

Whoa, enough with the IBE thingy, let us go back to the main topic. My first impression of this so called Trend Insights blog was… simple yet stylish. Image

We can choose the interface for the main page. At first, I thought that my most favorite interface was the flipcard one. However, I tried to browse the other interfaces, then I started to give my heart to all of them. Well, the uniquely taken pictures and innovative title dictions had already stolen my heart from the very first. Image

Did not know where to start. I wanted to click every single article in this page! Well, well, let us see which one’s going to stole my heart first! I clicked at the Hamburger Bed because I was hungry at the time :p 


What I see was a fluffy-yummy-super comfy bed in a form of hamburger. Wished I was sleeping there!

Next part, I have clicked so many articles I wanted to see, get amazed more than twice, and got my head filled by a thought and question, “Where did they get those innovative-unique ideas?”

The so called “idea” can be said as one of the most expensive, rare things in this world. Cliche, but it has been clearly proven in the IBE subject. I can clearly remember the total six months used ONLY to contribute three–or four product ideas. First, second, and third presentation. Slack among group members, argumentations, and laughters were assorting the birth of the so called “idea”.

This so called “idea” can only be born when we got the so called “creativity” in our minds. The saddest part is, especially in this country, this so called “idea” rarely to be cherished. The so called unlimited creativity has to be limited by boundaries and norms. Too many “NO” and other negative items to be said. Most of us are not having the courage to show off what are in our minds. As Christina Aguilera sang in Reflection, “Why must we all conceal, what we think, how we feel?”. Why? It would never make us a better person. It would only shorten our creativity limit. Everyone has their own thoughts, vision, and imagination. Respect and cherish them, thus they would respect and cherish ours. None of “idea” is really bad or wrong,

How to increase the limit of our creativity? The Trend Insights Blog has already taught us! Yes, we can make a list, journal, or even a blog of creative ideas. Think creatively. Write every single thought in mind. Maybe now we cannot get any advantage from this idea, but later? Who knows? Who needs a hamburger bed in 2013, but in 3013? Who knows?         

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