The Creative Generalist

As I arrived in the home page, I have already hearted the quotation slides. The first slide said:

“Wander & Wonder. Finding possibility. Entertain curiosity and ask unasked questions.”

From the blog title, I assumed that these words were ‘hows’ to generate creativity. Wander to find the new things. Wonder about new things we found. Find possibility to create more value from those things, by asking unasked questions. Creativity is about no limit. No boundaries. Isn’t it? Yes. Is it only theoretical? Probably. Limit is somehow ONLY a human creation. However, this so called human creation could kill thousands of new possibilities. It might kill the future. A ‘NO‘ sentence could kill the future of entire human population. Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. Everything has possibility, even it is only 0.0000000001. Or even smaller. The possibility will increase as we repeat the action. Keep trying. Never be surrender.

“Synthesize & Summarize. Presenting Information. Connect the dots and present complex info succinctly”   

At the first place, I thought that this has nothing to do with creativity. Back then, I remembered about the ‘NO‘ sentences could kill. I also remembered about my final project. I should make the summary of papers to get the ideas for my topic. Summarizing could also give the new leads when I get stuck. Synthesize and summarize could really give different paradigm, different point of view that might increase the new possibilities to create.

“Mix & Match. Connecting people. Make worlds collide and harness collaborative energies.”

Different person, different brain, different ideas. It makes everything more complex, doesn’t it? Take a look from the positive paradigm, then it does not. Brainstorming shall give some new possibilities. Since everyone has different ideas, it will not get stuck, or at least, get stuck together, except everyone uses ‘NO‘ sentences.

“Experience & Empathize. Understanding worldview. Understand humanity and life’s many interrelationships.”

Could not agree more. This is one of the top reasons why we must not use the ‘NO‘ sentences to ideas given. Think about the person who gave the idea. Think about his place. Think about his feeling and other interrelationships. Can we fit in his shoes? Be empathize. Cherish different ideas given from the others.

Those words were really giving me insights about creativity and how to generate it. Thanks for the very useful, wise words, Creative Generalist Society!  



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