Enhancing Student’s Creativity as Early as Possible

Most people commonly will link creativity with art, while actually there are so much more other objects to do with it. Being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a few. Everyone wants to be creative. Creativity is not born, it requires a process. A serious, long process that will take time for doing the exercises to enhance the creative mindset. There are so many methods to enhance the creativity. However, these methods will be effective if only they are implemented as early as possible.

Is it important to enhance the creativity in people mind? Research has shown that enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally and emotionally. There are so many ways to enhance the student creativity, most of them are through games: Word Games, Visual Thinking Games, and Drawing Games. The main idea of these games is how the student can link one object to another without being judged. The ‘judgements’ could really hamper the creative thinking process.

It will be also better if these creative games process are done in groups, because it will serve students later in their life. Really, in the work life they will spend most of their time interacting with other people. This is kind of tough, thus they have to enhance their creativity as early as possible. The process of enhancing student’s creativity will not only give them advantage while they are in school, but also later in their life.

Reference: http://creativeoverflow.net/how-to-enhance-creativity-in-school-children/


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