Creative Something is Something You Have to Read to be a Creative Person

As I scrolled down the blog entries of Creative Something, I found a very interesting article. Yes, it was similar with the other entries about how to generate the creativity, but this one has a somehow, attractive dictions for the title: “Seeking Inspiration in All the Wrong Places“. Well, most people will look out for ideas in such an ordinary place and in such an ordinary way. Then I realized, this is one of the biggest faults in generating creative ideas. Our brain will block the ‘inappropriate ideas‘, which actually, those ‘inappropriate ideas‘ could be the greatest ones. The ordinary environment could somehow create borders and restrictions in our head that are making self-judgmental for the generated ideas.

People tend to search for inspiration in the ordinary way because it is beneficial from an evolutionary standpoint. When people are young, they look to others to see how they should behave; what to eat and what not to eat, where to walk and where to avoid. People are led to believe that the best way to learn something is to mimic something else. Where will the original thoughts come from? We will have thousands of same business products and ideas get wasted, while the energy and the budgets that have been spent for it could be used for generate other original, great ideas.  

We should try for other ways to generate ideas, therefore we could create somehow, the original ones. Admit it, most of us often got ideas in the wrong places, not in the so called properly places, right? Therefore, we shall go to the wrong places more. It will be very good for us if we go to new places that have not been visited before, try something new that have not been experienced before.

This blog is really worth to read, especially for the tend-to-be creative people. They have unique tips on how to generate creative ideas. So, once you get stuck, you should try to open the Creative Something. Creative Something is really something that you have to read to be a creative person!      


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