Design Inspirations, Thank You so Much!

I would be really thankful for the Creativity and Innovation subject! This website has given me a lot of idea sources for my design projects. It also gave me inspirations for my under-construction business website. As I scrolled down the page, I randomly found this web:, which really attracted me (well I have to admit that even though design is my passion, I really do not know how to start designing logos!). I clicked the website link, therefore I learned few important things from the site. Great logos are the most simple ones yet eye-catching. We have to make sure that the shape is easy to remember. Hmm, it is kind of remind me of the Logos Quiz game in my iPhone. Okay, back to the topic.

The second web that attracted me is: Yes, packaging designs! I really need inspiration for this one, because I am kind of bored of current canvas bag packaging for my footwear business. I clicked the link and scrolled through the web, I can find nothing much. I have seen many of these beautiful creatively designed packagings since the beginning of my design career on Integrated Business Experience subject (which I had taken in my second year in college).

I went back to the main site and randomly scrolled up and down until I found something that could really attract my attention. For the second time, I fell for the logo inspiration website. Well, I thought this one is much more complete than the first one, you can really read about the logo histories, best logo design agencies, and so on. Both designers and wannabes should really check this out: I browsed a lot in this website, I learned a lot from this one! They have so many articles that could be really useful!

Does this website only provide everything about design inspirations?


It does NOT.

I found the ways to make design clients satisfied with the designer’s service here:

Well, I have to admit that this one is very IMPORTANT for the designers. Most of the time, the designers (including me), either they are professionals or amateurs, they do not really pay attention at the customer service and relationship. What they really focus on is the design work itself. Great design, great income? No. Customers are really human, they have to be well served and respected. Although one designer has a very godlike design, no one will ever come to him/her again, unless he/she has a good capability in managing customer relationship.

Well then, marketing insights are very important, they have to be practiced to strengthen the sustainability of one’s career. To be specific, in EVERYONE’S career.  

Once again, thank you very much for this subject, for giving me many of design inspiration websites.

Have a nice day!




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