We are Aliens, Trapped in the Outer Space

My first impression when I saw this website was “Wow! It reminds me a lot about the outer space!”. Wait, what? Well, actually I am from the marketing major, but sometimes I just feel lost and trapped in this major and it seems like there is no exit. I really think that these marketing things are really useful for my entire life, but in the other hand, I feel like I am lost in space. Space, outer space, where aliens might do really exist. Why did not I choose the other majors then? No passion. Marketing is my only passion in business. Aliens in the outer space are my friends. Abnormal? Yes. That was what the insights of marketing taught me, to be an abnormal purple cow that could really make people say ‘WOW’. To be an alien that out of all sudden pop out in strangers’ living room and make sure that they would notice. Sounds crazy, huh? Why should we do those crazy things when we can keep in such an ordinary way? For money. For monetarizing our life. For the sake of survival.

Well, when I said that I am not the only one, it really means that I am not the only one. We are all aliens, trapped and lost in the outer space. We are all taking part in this so called marketing. The more we are trapped and lost, the more we are befriends with the aliens, then the more likely we are going to survive. Do you think I am too abnormal to explain all of these things? Once again, I am not the only one. Let me show you, those people out there are seriously can be more insane! Those aliens took part in every opportunities they find. Do you think the Oscars best & worst dressed can be a successful marketing media for a mustard brand? Don’t you believe it? Then take a look at @greypoupon on Twitter. Not much proof? Check @chobani out! Still don’t believe that? Look at @SamsungMobileUS and @USCellular! How come the Oscars best and worst dressed become a great media for them to market themselves, since there is no obvious connection between the brands and the dress? That is it! Just simply be an alien, then you will know what-how-why.

Have a nice day!      

Reference: http://www.toprankblog.com

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