Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

I know that this is kind of lazy Sunday afternoon, when I should be really in my bed or lazy coach, scrolling my thumbs on my iPhone screen looking for Lookbook or dating advice (LOL) while sipping a cup of green tea, but I am trying to be more productive now. I called this as a workout session, but really, since my beloved lecturer told me that my final project deadline is on next May, I have to pace on the other assignments as soon as I can, so I could work on my final project later.

This time, I will post my review from the past event, Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, which was held on last February.

Actually, I was so amazed with the ideas of Indonesian designers. I found so many unique&creatively-designed products in this event. They made me always wonder, where did they get the idea to design all these beautiful products? Seriously, I have been attending and opening my own business booth in several fashion bazaars, but I have not seen products that as unique as these in Indonesia Fashion Week. I found many cute fashion items but they are very typical (maybe it was because of the fashion trend that made them seems very typical among each others). To be honest, this is my first fashion week ever 😦 (Not good, Ghea, you called yourself as a fashion-lover but you have never gone to any fashion week before this one, too bad 😦 ). Hence, I thought that my footwear business has not been strong enough to compete in this market. Somehow, I still could not find any strengths. Comfortable, affordable, and cute? No, they are not the real strength, what I meant was something that could really distinguish mine from the others. Maybe it should be more like Kloom, MKS Shoes, and JuJu Footwear, where they have something very different to offer. This is something that I have to be focused on, later after being graduated from the university.

Back to the Indonesian Fashion Week, well, actually I am not really into the crowds. I love fashion and shopping thingy, but you will never ever see me buying things like clothes or shoes (or whatever you should try on before deciding to buy) in such an event like this. I really cannot stand the crowd. 

But really, I learned a lot from fashion events. I got so many inspirations regarding the fashion trends and product designs. I also gasped a lot seeing creative booth decorations. Indonesians youth are SERIOUSLY very talented, I am so proud of them (tears of joy).

What really made me disappointed about this event was that I could not get the access to… many things. If I went to this event on Friday, I would get a lot of access to anywhere and anything I want in this event, because I got the VIP invitation from Shafira. Well, well, I could not go on Friday because of the Religion Subject, so I have to go on Saturday. I could not see the fashion show, I could not take the photos of products I love, and so on. I just took some photos which I am going to share in the next post, including the brief description.





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