Trend Makes KA-CHING!

When someone says: “It’s not about the money…”


Or even this one: “We don’t need your money…”

go and bury yourself, like NOW.

Who does not need those KA-CHINGS? Everyone DOES need money. Every. Single. Person. Living. In. This. Planet. Called. Earth. If there is someone who really does not need money, why does he attempt to go work his ass off every single day in his life? Passion? Uh, why does not he just do his so-called beloved and passionate jobs then go home without thinking of salary? He has to survive in this planet. He has to buy his daily needs. There is no such thing as a free lunch, the cost shall be paid sooner or later.

What about the Jessie J – Price Tag then? Well, it does not tell us to give away our money because we really do not need it, however, sometimes money make us blind and forget the real values of humanity. This song is trying to remind us that money is NOT the only thing we should have focused on. There are still a lot of things to compute in our brains.

But still, the main point is we DO really need that so-called KA-CHING!

Back to the topic, then how to gain those so-called KA-CHINGS?

There are soooo many things to do to gain the KA-CHING, but now I will only explain one method: to see the business opportunity through the trends.

People are easily to get bored. Fashion, makeups, food, music, movie genre, and everything else, whatsoever, should be cycled at least once a year. Hence, we can decide, whether we want to create the trend or following the trend. Since some of us are not strong enough in the market to create the trend, following the trend can be a safe way that still can touch consumer’s heart. The problem is, how to really know the trend forecasts?

Thanks to JWT Intelligence, a website source for trend forecasts. I love their slogan, which says “Converting Cultural Shifts into Opportunities”. Simple, but really describes the whole things the website provides. Not only about the trend forecasts, JWT also provides articles about latest issues in the world that might give impact to business&economics and several advices for facing the trends. This website is very essential and useful for the opportunity seekers. Better to find out now or sooner as you can, opportunities are not standing out there, waiting for you to come and fetch them, just like a soulmate. There should be any effort in pursuing them, or else they will slip away and you will lose your KA-CHING, like in those adventure-genre games where you have to collect those meant-to-collapse coins. You will never know whether it is a jackpot level if you never try.



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