Trendstop & I are not Meant to Be. At Least for Now.

This is it! Finally, I found a website about fashion trend forecasting and I loooove it!

I could really hear the reff song of Icona Pop – I Love It playing inside my head, like in this very moment, right now! Oh never mind, just forget it, let us get back to the topic.

Well, for honest, I am really into fashion and currently owning a business in fashion, female footwear, to be specific. Sometimes it really makes me feel so blue (galau) that  cannot really predict the fashion trend forecast. My only way to predict the trend is by browsing through and, but I do not really get the exact trend forecast and how long it will last.

I just signed up for the membership in the website and wait for the magic happens

Tick Tock Tick Tock…

After waiting for several minutes, suddenly there is an error occured.

Then I refreshed the website and… voila! I was successfully signed in!

But then, I tried to click any of the apparel trends and it started to offer upgraded membership, which means that I have to pay to see those trend forecasts! I really could not see any of them in free. Well, poor me 😦

However, as I said before in my last post, there is no such thing as free lunch, the cost shall be paid sooner or later. Well, since I have not applied for any of credit cards (I am too afraid of losing control or being shopaholic, because I am ALREADY one), I cannot pay for the membership cost.

So unfortunate… good bye Trendstop, see you! Maybe not now, but I will, ASAP. Perhaps, if I have been a fashion professional years later, who knows?

For this time, it will be best if I go back to my daily habits, watching Polyvore and Lookbook ;p 

Have a great lazy Sunday, everyone! 


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