Brightspot Market Event Review


After going to Indonesia Fashion Week, I went to the Brightspot Market. This event was very good, although it has very different concepts compared to the Indonesia Fashion Week. This event was more exclusive, curated, and as I said before, all the items were typically cute and up to date. This event was a very appropriate place for the hipsters, who really follow the trends and love these typically cute items. I really loved the products and the booth decorations, why people are too creative nowadays? I so envy 😦


Woo hoo! Here we are! We are ready to take some other pictures!

ImageThe collection of Melissa Jelly Shoes I cannot resist!


The Goods Dept Cafe

ImageA very cute one!

ImageWhat an amazing booth design!

ImageShine bright like a diamond!

Well, I love the displays for the booths, however, personally I think that events like these are not suitable for shopping. Too crowded, I guess. I prefer going to my favorite brands in the shopping malls, which is not so good idea to support the local brands :(. But back again, maybe it is just my thoughts, because everyone seems to do not think like that. Yeah, my footwear business sales gain a lot in events like these. Pretty much thanks for the event organizers!

Okay then, see you in the next post!

Bye, Brightspot, see you next year!


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