Eenie Meenie, Which Business Idea is Really into Me?

Lately, I have been very desperately looking for ideas, any ideas, it could be for my final project, my footwear business, or any other business ideas. Yea, this so-called pre-graduation syndrome has got me a bit of nervous, what I am going to do after being graduated from this comfortable college, what about the rough competition out there, well, this is the real life. I have to face it, no matter what. Well, one thing that is really making me nervous today is the reality that everyone is starting footwear business. The worst part is they plagiate each others. They make cute (but SIMILAR) shoes. I have found on the instagram, some of my footwear business followers are plagiators. They copy (for same design, same color) my footwear design then they sell it for much CHEAPER price. Well, the only thing to defeat them is by giving some new innovation for my footwear business, but I have not got the ideas. Or maybe I shall try for new opportunities?

As I browsed to, well, I saw 45 business ideas. I wondered, would I find something that is really into me in this website? Scrolled, scrolled, scrolled, whoa! Something was not really into me but it got my attention! I found a “cost-cutter”! What was that? Well, it prevents people to pay for higher telephone bills, for something they do not really use but they have to pay for it in bills and they do not have time to argue with the providers. I reminds me to that conversation with a police, he knows very well how to cheat with the telephone bills. If the providers can cheat, why do not we? Well, this is the secret: do you know about that “hang up” button? Click that button for the right order depending on the numbers you want to dial. For example 72. First, you have to click seven times, a little space, then two times. But be careful, this is very hard to do, once the click is not in the right order, you have to repeat from the very first number. This secret is often used by the mafia, so that their telephone call would not be on record.

Let’s scroll again! FInd the suitable business idea for me!

Hmmm, let’s see…

Most of them are actually what I need, not I want to be. They are not in my speciality.

Well, it is time to go for the postgraduate program I guess! I have to learn more, especially for the footwear design. Wish me luck, everybody!  




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