Field Trip to Kepompong Gendut

Have any of you heard about Kepompong Gendut? Or maybe Demi Ucok movie? To be honest, I have not watched the Demi Ucok movie, but I heard several controversial rumors about the film. A dog was wearing Persib jersey and named Bobot, which convicted stands for Bobotoh (fans of Persib). Well, Kepompong Gendut had clarified that the movie was not about either Persib or Bobotoh, it was about the mother and child love life story.

I have not watched that one, but I love Sammaria Simanjuntak’s Cin(t)a. One of best Indonesia movies in nowadays, I think. It told us about the tolerance and love between two different religions. A man named Cina (which is ethnically Chinese) fell in love with a woman named Annisa (Annisa means woman in Arabian). They shared thoughts about their own religions. The ending was pathetic, they cannot be together because they have different religion. Annisa then got married to a man from same religion.

Kepompong Gendut is going to produce a new film about the adventure of sisterhood. Similar with Demi Ucok, this movie concept will be original and based from the true story.This is what I like from Kepompong Gendut, this production house is original and really based from the true story, so it could emotionally attract the watchers.

The Kepompong Gendut’s logo is also reflects the production house very well, the originality, simplicity, but in a creative way. It shows a fat (gendut) green cocoon (kepompong), but from the other side, it can be seen as a light bulb! I love it!

Well, that was all from the Kepompong Gendut.

See you in next posts!

P.S: BTW thank you for Creativity and Innovation class that have taught me soooo many insights about creative things!



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