Enhancing Student’s Creativity as Early as Possible

Most people commonly will link creativity with art, while actually there are so much more other objects to do with it. Being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a few. Everyone wants to be creative. Creativity is not born, it requires a process. A serious, long process that will take time for doing the exercises to enhance the creative mindset. There are so many methods to enhance the creativity. However, these methods will be effective if only they are implemented as early as possible.

Is it important to enhance the creativity in people mind? Research has shown that enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally and emotionally. There are so many ways to enhance the student creativity, most of them are through games: Word Games, Visual Thinking Games, and Drawing Games. The main idea of these games is how the student can link one object to another without being judged. The ‘judgements’ could really hamper the creative thinking process.

It will be also better if these creative games process are done in groups, because it will serve students later in their life. Really, in the work life they will spend most of their time interacting with other people. This is kind of tough, thus they have to enhance their creativity as early as possible. The process of enhancing student’s creativity will not only give them advantage while they are in school, but also later in their life.

Reference: http://creativeoverflow.net/how-to-enhance-creativity-in-school-children/


The Creative Generalist

As I arrived in the home page, I have already hearted the quotation slides. The first slide said:

“Wander & Wonder. Finding possibility. Entertain curiosity and ask unasked questions.”

From the blog title, I assumed that these words were ‘hows’ to generate creativity. Wander to find the new things. Wonder about new things we found. Find possibility to create more value from those things, by asking unasked questions. Creativity is about no limit. No boundaries. Isn’t it? Yes. Is it only theoretical? Probably. Limit is somehow ONLY a human creation. However, this so called human creation could kill thousands of new possibilities. It might kill the future. A ‘NO‘ sentence could kill the future of entire human population. Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. Everything has possibility, even it is only 0.0000000001. Or even smaller. The possibility will increase as we repeat the action. Keep trying. Never be surrender.

“Synthesize & Summarize. Presenting Information. Connect the dots and present complex info succinctly”   

At the first place, I thought that this has nothing to do with creativity. Back then, I remembered about the ‘NO‘ sentences could kill. I also remembered about my final project. I should make the summary of papers to get the ideas for my topic. Summarizing could also give the new leads when I get stuck. Synthesize and summarize could really give different paradigm, different point of view that might increase the new possibilities to create.

“Mix & Match. Connecting people. Make worlds collide and harness collaborative energies.”

Different person, different brain, different ideas. It makes everything more complex, doesn’t it? Take a look from the positive paradigm, then it does not. Brainstorming shall give some new possibilities. Since everyone has different ideas, it will not get stuck, or at least, get stuck together, except everyone uses ‘NO‘ sentences.

“Experience & Empathize. Understanding worldview. Understand humanity and life’s many interrelationships.”

Could not agree more. This is one of the top reasons why we must not use the ‘NO‘ sentences to ideas given. Think about the person who gave the idea. Think about his place. Think about his feeling and other interrelationships. Can we fit in his shoes? Be empathize. Cherish different ideas given from the others.

Those words were really giving me insights about creativity and how to generate it. Thanks for the very useful, wise words, Creative Generalist Society!  


Reference: http://creativegeneralist.com

30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012

This ’30 big ideas, trends, and predictions for 2012′ article actually gave me an insight that internet could not be apart from our daily life. Living without internet can be said as living without air, especially in developed countries like United States. Unfortunately, in this country, get an internet connection is not as easy as in those developed countries. Although everyone–from different segments and classes–seems to afford smartphones and tablets (since there are so many inexpensive China brands imported here), there are too many problems with the unstable connection, thus people here do not really get reliable with the internet. Some people even (pathetically) ONLY use their smartphone for their narcism routine in social media. Well, what is the definition of ‘smartphone’ actually? According to Oxford Dictionary, smartphone is a mobile phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications. Why would everyone spend a big amount of money ONLY for the narcism purpose, while a smartphone actually can make everyone’s life easier? Once it has to be for job purpose, everyone will ask the reliability of internet connection. “Let us have a meeting via Skype” “No way, direct meeting is so much better”. If people really think that way, then everyone shall put their so called smartphones off and go back to the times where pagers was in. Well, those so called smartphones were invented to make daily life (especially business things) easier to do. Meanwhile, people from other countries do really depend on the internet for important jobs, such as hiring, insurance, data storage, and partnerships. Technology has been very complex, even the mighty voice recognition has been just an ordinary invention that beaten by the touch/gesture recognition. Want to know the title of a song in radio? Just simply click ‘Shazam’. Want to make reservation of restaurants? People can easily use the voice command application in their smartphones. Want to know much about a person before hiring him into the company? Just simply check his social media, or maybe just google his full name. Want to buy anything? People can go online shopping! The internet and IT technology today is just too awesome that actually we can really do almost everything through the internet. Why don’t we? If we talk about risks, actually risks will take part everytime and everywhere, not only in internet. In addition, the security of internet connection today has been much improved. 

Last but not least, there is a quotation that I could not agree more at the end of the article:

“By the end of 2012, making a website will not be something you pay thousands of dollars for, it will be something you create and maintain yourself. As a result, the small businesses that do not currently have a website will be able to get online. Those businesses that do have websites will be able to develop something modern that attracts clients, works with search engines, and helps build their business” – David Rusenko, co-founder and CEO of Weebly.com

Yes, this part was really happen in Indonesia. Just look at instagram and we will find excessive amounts of the so called #onlineshopindo; since instagram is a free, very instant platform. They can have their products published without having to create complex codes and pay for the website domain. No android or iOs devices? Well, as the Blackberry devices start to lowering their prices to reach the low-middle end, everyone can easily have the ‘Blackberry Group’ as their online shop. It is much as easy as instagram, everyone can see and give comment for the photo of the product there. Those are just a very few examples of internet advantages, we can find so much more as the technology is going to get more complex. So, as many people can make money through the internet, why do not we start to?  

The Most Precious, Expensive Thing Called “IDEA”

I went to http://tinsiders.blogspot.com and suddenly I was being reminded about the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) subject which had been taken in my second year. I remembered the times when the IBE team used to find business ideas in creative blogs; then came up with the silly, non feasible ideas. Did not know whether have to laugh or just simply cry. However, those sweet-depressing-stressful-but fun memories in IBE could be turned up into one of the greatest experiences in life.

Whoa, enough with the IBE thingy, let us go back to the main topic. My first impression of this so called Trend Insights blog was… simple yet stylish. Image

We can choose the interface for the main page. At first, I thought that my most favorite interface was the flipcard one. However, I tried to browse the other interfaces, then I started to give my heart to all of them. Well, the uniquely taken pictures and innovative title dictions had already stolen my heart from the very first. Image

Did not know where to start. I wanted to click every single article in this page! Well, well, let us see which one’s going to stole my heart first! I clicked at the Hamburger Bed because I was hungry at the time :p 


What I see was a fluffy-yummy-super comfy bed in a form of hamburger. Wished I was sleeping there!

Next part, I have clicked so many articles I wanted to see, get amazed more than twice, and got my head filled by a thought and question, “Where did they get those innovative-unique ideas?”

The so called “idea” can be said as one of the most expensive, rare things in this world. Cliche, but it has been clearly proven in the IBE subject. I can clearly remember the total six months used ONLY to contribute three–or four product ideas. First, second, and third presentation. Slack among group members, argumentations, and laughters were assorting the birth of the so called “idea”.

This so called “idea” can only be born when we got the so called “creativity” in our minds. The saddest part is, especially in this country, this so called “idea” rarely to be cherished. The so called unlimited creativity has to be limited by boundaries and norms. Too many “NO” and other negative items to be said. Most of us are not having the courage to show off what are in our minds. As Christina Aguilera sang in Reflection, “Why must we all conceal, what we think, how we feel?”. Why? It would never make us a better person. It would only shorten our creativity limit. Everyone has their own thoughts, vision, and imagination. Respect and cherish them, thus they would respect and cherish ours. None of “idea” is really bad or wrong,

How to increase the limit of our creativity? The Trend Insights Blog has already taught us! Yes, we can make a list, journal, or even a blog of creative ideas. Think creatively. Write every single thought in mind. Maybe now we cannot get any advantage from this idea, but later? Who knows? Who needs a hamburger bed in 2013, but in 3013? Who knows?